Terms and Conditions

The Breeder has taken every care with breeding, rearing and the welfare of the Dog. The Dog is believed to be in good health and it is sold in good faith. The Breeder makes no warranty however as to the health or disposition of the Dog.

Every effort has been made to avoid any possible inherited conditions. Conditions known/thought to be inherited in the breed are: Patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap) Heart disease, Portosystemic shunt (an abnormality of the blood circulation, resulting in blood from the heart bypassing the liver and entering the general circulation), Entropion (inward turning eyelashes), Hydrocephalus, Shaker dog – or acquired tremor syndrome (tremors in young adult dogs; cause unknown), Cataract, Deafness, Hypothyroidism (under activity of thyroid gland (causes lethargy, coat changes, obesity, Prognathism & Brachygnathism and Hernia’s (including umbilical)

The Puppy has been checked by a Veterinary Surgeon prior to sale. Although no warranty can be given on the future health of the puppy, the outcome of that check has been passed onto the purchaser together with the details of the veterinary surgeon who carried it out. I give consent for the purchaser to contact the veterinary surgeon to discuss any aspect of the puppy’s health, and give consent for my Veterinary Surgeon to discuss this with the purchaser.

The Purchaser(s) shall have 7days to have the Dog examined by a practising veterinary surgeon and shall have the right during a period not exceeding 3 days after such examination to return the Dog because of a defect (other than described below) on production of a written report from the said veterinary surgeon, at which time the Purchaser(s) will be refunded the full purchase price.

Should it become necessary, the Purchaser(s) should be aware that the return of a Dog can be very difficult, especially emotionally and, having drawn the attention of the Purchaser(s) to this, the Breeder cannot be held responsible for any distress caused by the return of the Dog.


Although any description of the Dog as being of show, working or other quality is given in good faith, it is a condition of this sale that no warranty can be given as to the ultimate show / working / field trial or breeding potential on maturity of the Dog.


The Purchaser(s) agree that if, at any stage in the Dog’s life, the Purchaser(s) need to re home the Dog, the Breeder will be the first to be informed and the Purchaser(s) will, if the Breeder requests, return the Dog to the Breeder. The Breeder will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home.