About Us

Elaine and Terry created Dream Maltese 15 years ago, starting with just their own three Maltese.

Now established and reputable Maltese breeders, Dream Maltese have been assured Kennel Club breeders for over 7 years. With Kennel Club membership, you can feel confident in the quality of our breeding and our Maltese pups, with regular inspections from the Kennel Club, as well as a UKAS accredited certification body. Our clients know how passionately we care about our Maltese puppies – it is a business motivated by our love for our dogs, not the profit we make from it.

All puppies we breed and house are Kennel Club registered, insured for 5 weeks and are microchipped.

Pure Maltese puppies are our passion, not only for breeding but as an integral part of our family. When sourcing an elegant and pure Maltese, it is incredibly important that you buy from a responsible breeder. This is not only so you know for certain your Maltese is pedigree but to rule out any illegal breeding or negative personality traits.

As responsible breeders we always ensure optimum health of both breeding mates before partnering. We will have studied compatibilities and incompatibilities of both male and female to ensure high quality puppies.

We have extensive knowledge of the Maltese breed, and we can answer any questions you may have regarding the breed and caring for your new puppy.